Mushie Gulpekluter 3pk Natural

  • 299 NOK

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Leverandør: Mushie

Light and breathable muslin cloths in 100% organic cotton with an extra soft layer. The versatile cloths are ideal for daily uses, and you can use them at changing tables, within diaper bags or to clean small messes.  

Each set includes three cloths that function as calming mini blankets or they can be used to fulfill other nursery needs. 

Mushie Muslin Cloth details: 

  • Material: 100% organic cotton 
  • Size: 23" x 23.5" (58,42 x 59,69 cm)

Care instructions for Mushie Muslin Cloth:

  • Wash at max 30ºC (80ºF) 
  • Lay flat to dry 
  • Do not tumble dry, bleach iron or dry clean